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"The father of rice" yuan longping was on the scene to observe and guide the z-3 unmanned helicopter

The at-3n smart farm unmanned helicopter

The importance of plant protection machinery

Plant protection machinery, pesticide and control technology are known as the three pillars of chemical control. The production of plant protection machinery is the inevitable product of agricultural development, and its effective control of insect pests has been well known. Modern agricultural production is not able to plant protection machinery, the development of modern agricultural production shows strong dependence on plant protection machinery.

The status and status of plant protection machinery in China

Pesticide production technology in China in the international advanced level, and plant protection machinery in our country and the use of pesticides, lagging behind of the present situation and the level of pesticide disproportionately high speed development in our country, has seriously hindered the Chinese caterpillar fungus pollution prevention and control of crop disease. Plant protection machinery is different from other agricultural machinery. Its quality and use are related to the safety of operators and agricultural products. In China's wto accession commitment, plant protection machinery is listed in the mandatory product (CCC) catalogue.

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It is also a great favor to the tianhe aviation AT-3N agricultural plant protection machine.
Background introduction

"Internet + agriculture" is the biggest gold mine of the next 30 years

Agriculture as the foundation of the rural, the next 30 years, will have high-speed Internet, vast rural areas, the future development of space is immeasurably, agricultural production mode is to convert from mechanization to the informationization, is characterized by precision agriculture, is make it easier to grow.

Big data "field"
Future agriculture will become one of the most important industries in the world

One of the most common applications of big data in agriculture is precision agriculture. Through to the climate, soil and air quality, maturity of crops, and even the cost and availability of equipment and Labour of real-time data collection, forecasting analysis can be used to make more informed decisions, and this is the so-called precision agriculture.

RodneySchilling is a farmer in Illinois who runs 1,300 acres of land with his father. His father was 83 years old, and his field was full of his own work, and even in the busy seasons he did not have to hire a man, and the best helper was the farm machinery on the farm. Most of the time, no one will take the tablets in the side, the built-in apps will remind him when appropriate view on fields, the spray insecticide or the fertilization, and provide real-time weather data and the next few days。

The traditional mechanical

The at-3n smart farm unmanned helicopter